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The Short

U.S. Air Force Veteran

Worked my way through college and an MBA as a single mom raising two daughters

25+ year career delivering business results as an operations leader and management consultant for global and national companies

Proud wife, mom, grandmother of three, and farm mom to seventeen chickens and one dog

Currently serving on the Advisory Boards of The George Mason University Innovation and Economic Development Center and The University of Michigan Economic Growth Institute

Volunteer Strategic Planning Consultant for New England Area Non-Profits

Library Trustee and Planning Board Alternate in Francestown



State Representative Deering/Francestown

The Full Story

You could read my position statements, but I think the best way to know where I stand is to share how I got here and the things I care about.

I fell in Love with New Hampshire as a kid during our annual family camping trips on Lake Wentworth. When I first moved here from Connecticut in the 90's it was because, after seeing a bit of the world while in the Air Force, I knew that New Hampshire was going to be the best place to raise my family.   The schools were good, the people were kind, the towns felt safe, the economy was one growing steadily, and it was stunningly beautiful. As my career progressed we had to move,  but my  girls grew up here, went to school here and started their own families here. A few years ago, I  returned and once again I can call  New Hampshire “home.“ My husband, Timothy, and I are now settled in our forever home here in Francestown. 

When I returned  to New Hampshire, I was struck by the signs of discord everywhere. The aggressive tone of political signage, the name calling,  the chest beating nationalism, and the inability to work together for the common good during one of our nation’s  most challenging times saddened me.

After being away, it was impossible not to notice the normalization of rudeness. I saw it in stores, in schools, and online. It spouted from our leaders, from parents in school meetings, and news anchors; there were daily examples of personal attacks, name calling, slurs, backbiting, and abuse. President Trump was the most visible example, from his own name calling and unprofessionalism to the more serious empowering of right wing extremists in Charlottesville and participants in the events of January 6th. Although the worst of the decline appears to stem from one side of the political spectrum, many mainstream Republicans deplore this very behavior. 

 It was clear that this meanness was distracting us from the things that needed our attention most and that made our country and our state  great in the first place:

  • the cultural richness we enjoyed from our unique American diversity

  • the capabilities that  grew from our strong public education system

  • the economic power and prosperity that flowed from our well-trained and  innovative workforce

  • the civility we cultivated through separation of religion and government

  • the balance we struck between individual freedom and civic responsibility

  • the lessons we learned from the past that taught us how to shape a better future

  • the high standard of living we enjoyed from the fostering of a wide middle class

  • the leadership we displayed by beginning to safeguard the inheritance of the world’s children, preserving our beautiful natural resources and protecting clean water and air

These are some of the reasons why I served as a  proud member  of the United States Air Force. These same things have withered while we have been  busy bickering  and pointing and posting.  

All around us the western world is leaning into the future with modern infrastructure, social growth, and ever-expanding and rising  quality of life. But here at home, we are looking backward, and not to the best of our past, which was  when we truly saved the world during  WWII by putting our individual desires aside for what was right and good. No, instead we were:

  • empowering coal mining and big oil instead of developing  renewables

  • rolling back social change and economic support to levels below those of other  developed western nations

  • defunding public schools and using taxpayer dollars for religious and private school choices 

  • attacking hard-won minority and women’s rights  

  • replacing American values with a theocracy

  • Degrading the  quality of life of families by maintaining expensive and archaic systems for access to healthcare, and refusing to provide adequate childcare and paid  family leave

  • Placing unfair tax burdens on working families while allowing billionaires and corporations to escape paying their fair share 


So now what? I was moving home looking forward to learning how to build a small farm on our land with my husband. As he continued to travel for his work, I was planning to redirect my skills as a management consultant to focus on non-profits, leaving time for the simple and deeply fulfilling things in life. Working in the fields, growing our own food, and tending the chickens with Luna (our Golden Retriever) were high on the list.  But at the top was spending as much time as possible with my family, especially my three young grandchildren. Both of my daughters are working in their own ways to make the world better. My oldest is a High School Dean, my youngest works in Public Health, and they are both raising young children with understanding and kindness at their core.

I raised my kids as a single parent while putting myself through college and then obtaining my MBA. I struggled, working hard  60 hour weeks, and moved my family several times for my job to be able to provide them with the solid home and resources they needed. I was able to find interesting work as a member of leadership teams at several national companies including RadioShack, and as the COO for Park ‘N Fly.


When my children grew up and became independent, I went back to school to study Healthcare  Administration, as I transitioned to follow my interest in working with nonprofits. I studied  enough to be able to read and fully understand the complicated ACA and develop a good idea of the options we have for modernizing our US healthcare system.   I have immersed myself in working with universities and entrepreneurs as an advisor and board member, and I am continuing to volunteer as a strategic management consultant for nonprofits. I currently serve as a Trustee at the George H. Bixby Library in Francestown and as an alternate to our planning board. 

But now, after observing what is happening in New Hampshire, and how we've become divided in Concord and throughout our towns, I am putting my energy to work in new ways. I want to help in every way that I can to lead us into the future instead of reverting into the past. I think I can help the most by winning a seat in the NH House of Representatives, rolling up my sleeves and getting to work at the State House.  We have to curtail the extremist agendas that have taken hold state-wide  and I will lead with policies that will ensure  that New Hampshire remains the best place to live... for all of us. With courage and tenacity I will bring to bear the critical thinking, active listening, and lifelong learning skills that I've developed as a business leader, to bring us together to get it done.


I want to represent you and everyone in D27  in Concord ,and make sure that we get back to REASON.

Elect Susan KANE

Susan cares about:

  • Strengthening and equitably funding PUBLIC education

  • Ensuring a Woman's right to choose

  • Protecting our environment

  • Eliminating the tax breaks given to support the profits of wealthy corporatons (many from out of state!) and STOP redistributing their tax burdens onto towns and property owners

  • Working for family friendly policies that include paid parental leave, accessable childcare, and affordable housing

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