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Exciting Endorsement From The New Hampshire Youth Movement

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Have you heard about the New Hampshire Youth Movement? This is a group that really gets me excited, it hits all the right buttons: it empowers, it teaches, it leads, it unites, it connects, it collaborates, it looks forward, it challenges, and most of all... IT GIVES ME HOPE.



The NHYM vision is "to win in a livable future where everyone’s needs are met..." Their Mission is "to build a movement of young people to transform our political system so it serves and is led by the people it has left behind." Through Hubs located at universities and in their high school program, they build relationships in the community, provide political education, enlist more people in their causes centered on the common good. By helping to elect leaders who will enact policies that support public education, affordable homes, and healthcare, they work to measurably improve lives.


Receiving their endorsement confirms the direction we have been taking in my campaign. I am proud to have been chosen for their support and I am happy to introduce their mission to others.

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