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Hope is Not a Strategy

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

New Hampshire's new 10 year energy strategy report is lots of things but it is not a strategy. It does not have quantifiable goals, it is not based on a factual current state, and it completely ignores climate impact. It is however political, partisan, pro fossil fuel, backward looking and scary. As one legislator remarked, "this document is an embarrasment for New Hampshire." According to our grid operator ISO New England, New Hampshire lags behind other states in our region when it comes to energy efficiency, renewable energy, and strategic electrification. This new strategy fails to address that gap and appears only to deepen our "head in the sand" stance.


Without an actual strategy, we not only remain in the expensive, backward, and environmentally disastorous, energy system we have in place today, but we guarantee that New Hampshire will not be in position to take advantage of the benefits that other states, who are willing to innovate, are already begining to reap. Of course that is all in addition to the lasting damage such a stance has on the world climate that we leave to our children.

This policy appears to have been created by people who have no knowledge of either energy or strategy. This is Sununu's leadership at work and it is dooming Granite staters to a pennywise (actually not so much... but it resembles it) and pound foolish energy future.


Please read more about this, get the facts, and Please, Please, Please vote for Tom Sherman and Shoshanna Kelly in November.

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